As a reader, one of the most magical experiences you can have is getting emotionally attached to a character. If you think about it, it’s truly incredible, especially in works of fiction. A figment of an author’s imagination is described to you, and as you read more and more words about this entity, they develop in your mind into a very real creature. You care about what happens to them. You feel their rage, their passion, their hurt. When the author decides to take them away from you, you mourn them.

As a writer, delivering this experience is a monumental challenge, and a monumental privilege. Writers understand the importance of developing a character and all that goes with it; how to pace the character’s evolution, when to introduce aspects of the character to the reader, or what to put the character through.

It’s very common for writers to therefore treat their characters as real people or creatures from the start. Now, if you are such a writer, it doesn’t mean you have to have the character fully flushed out or evolved in your mind before you start writing. But it does help to be able to see your character, in as many dimensions as possible.

Profiles vs Forms

In selecting your writing tools, you should pick the ones that fit best with your writing styles. Some writing tools allow you to build your character by prompting you for fields that you may or may not need, for example:

Right now, Seequill doesn’t do that. We decided to opt for a simple text box that YOU can fill out as you please. You decide what information you want each character to have.


It helps to see your characters as well. Not only does it give you a point of reference when describing them to your readers, it also adds a dimension that could inspire you as a writer. Maybe you’ll see something in a particular picture that will expose a trait of your character that you didn’t know was there. Maybe her eyes harbor a dark secret. Maybe that tiny scar on her neck has a story of its own. Seequill lets you upload your own images, or provide a URL to existing images on the web, to help you realize your characters in a very visual way.

Profile Photo

Finally, choose a photo for your character to serve as their profile photo.

Creating is magical

You might find that seeing your characters pictures will make your story feel even more real than before, and help you as a writer connect with your characters, which will hopefully help your readers connect to them as well, bringing you closer to delivering that magical experience.

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