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Q: How do I work offline?

To put Seequill in Offline Mode while still being connected to the internet, click the Menu button, and choose “Work Offline”.

If you want to be able to use Seequill while disconnected from the internet (e.g. on a plane), make sure you follow these steps before disconnecting your computer:

  1. Log into Seequill (at https://app.seequill.com)
  2. Wait for Seequill to load
  3. Open the story (or stories) from your bookshelf that you want to be able to work while offline. Wait for each story to load.
  4. Once your stories have been loaded, you can disconnect your computer (close the browser, turn it off, etc). Do not log out of Seequill.
  5. Open your browser while your computer is disconnected from the internet (e.g. you’re on the plane)
  6. Navigate your browser to https://app.seequill.com

Seequill should load, and you should see the “Working Offline” indicator.

Your bookshelf will only show stories that you loaded while online. You will know your story is able to be worked on offline by the indicator on the story tile:

Once in Offline Mode, changes that you make will be stored on your browser. Trial and Expired Membership users can use Seequill in Offline Mode for free.

Q: How do I back up my offline changes?

If you have an Annual Membership, if you make changes offline, you’ll see this icon at the bottom.

When you go back online, or your network connectivity is restored, you’ll be prompted to backup your offline changes.

We advise that you backup your offline changes as frequently as you can.

After you backup, you can review the offline changes that were backed up by clicking View Results.

You’ll be presented with the changes that you made offline that were backed up, as well as any issues that might have happened when backing up your offline changes.

Q: Can I export my story offline?

Absolutely. You can export a Word document, a TXT file, or a Seequill Data File, even when working offline. We recommend you do that frequently too, just in case something happens to your data on your device. You can import a Seequill Data File that you have previously exported to restore that story.