Our Philosophy

We worked really hard to create Seequill. There are some complex features and solid technology backing them in order to give writers an incredible creative experience. But we also know that software can be expensive, and deciding how to spend your hard-earned money for the right tool can be daunting. So we set out to make sure that Seequill was powerful and accessible.

When we re-engineered the guts of Seequill from the ground-up earlier this year, we thought about how we could make Seequill even more affordable than it already was. Offline Mode answered that question. If Seequill was able to work offline, then it could work for free. You manage your own storage, and you don’t have to pay for ours. And just like that, Seequill could be free!

But doesn’t “free” mean “ads”?

Usually, yes. But not for us. We hate ads as much as the next person. The benefit of Seequill’s architecture is there’s no reason to make money off of ads because 1) our expenses are already low, and 2) if you use Seequill for free, you’re not using our storage. So enjoy an ad-free, money-free, feature-rich writing experience! Just be sure to save your work, and export your stories to a Seequill Data File regularly.

What am I missing if I use Seequill for free?

Basically, anything involving us storing your stuff. Right now, that includes support for images, cloud backup, and scene text version history. But apart from that, Seequill is all yours to use! Write as many stories as you want, track it all in our amazing plot interface, and export to Word. Take a look at our Pricing page for more details.

But that being said, if you want to bring on those awesome features, it’ll only cost $30 for a year. Like we said, we’re serious about being accessible!

Focusing not just on the stories, but the writers too.

We care about making sure you can be creative with as little a commitment as possible. So we set out to create that experience. Take advantage of it! Happy writing!