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Q: How are characters auto-tagged?

As you type text in your scene, Seequill will periodically automatically save your scene. Or, you can hit Ctrl+S or click the Save icon in the top-right to manually save your scenes. In the background, Seequill will scan your scene’s text for your characters.

If Seequill finds a character, it will suggest that character for you so you can easily include that character in your scene. On the grid map, you’ll see your character’s name appear faintly.

You’ll also see a notification icon in the top-right of the screen.

Clicking on either the character name or the notification will reveal a tile, which will provide you two options:

  1. Add To Scene: Add this character to this scene
  2. Ignore: Do not add this character to this scene. Seequill will not try to auto-tag this character to this scene anymore

Q: How do I manually add characters or locations to a scene?

Click on the Edit icon for the scene you want to modify.

This will allow you to edit the scene’s details in the right panel. You’ll notice the character and location grid. Click “Manage Characters and Locations”.

This will open the Characters and Locations dialog. To add a character to your scene, choose the Characters tab, and click the Add (+) icon.

Then select the character(s) you want to add to your scene.

Do the same on the Locations tab to add locations.

Q: How do I place a character in a location?

For any given scene, in the Characters and Locations dialog, you can either place a character in one or more locations, or place one or more characters in a location.

In the Characters tab, you’ll notice that characters that are added have a “Assign Locations” button. Clicking that will allow you to select the location(s) that this character is in.

In the Locations tab, it’s the opposite. You’ll notice each location in your scene has an “Add Characters” button. Clicking that will allow you to select the characters that are supposed to be in that location.

When you’re done, click the Save button to save your changes.

Hint: Assigning characters and locations becomes very useful in the plot view.

Q: How do I set a character or location’s thumbnail/main/profile image?

After uploading an image for the character or location, click on that image, and click the button on the bottom left that says “Set as Main Image”.

Crop the photo to your liking, and click “Save Thumbnail”.