Welcome to Seequill

Seequill is a free browser-based story-writing platform that makes it easier to write, plot, and organize your stories. Track characters in a revolutionary plotting tool. Export to different formats. All in your browser.

Write your story. See your world.

Free by default.

Sign up, log in, and start writing. All of your data is stored on your browser, but you can still close your browser or even turn off your computer. Since we’re not storing anything, we don’t think you should pay anything. For peace of mind, export your story to a Seequill Data File and you can import it back in case something happens. If you’d like to leverage additional features, subscribe for a year and unleash the full power of Seequill.

A simple and powerful writing experience.

Your whole world is right in front of you, but it doesn’t get in the way. Write and organize your story with ease. Access reference material when you need them, and tuck them away when you don’t.

Plot like you’ve never plotted before.

Seequill’s revolutionary new plotting feature takes story arrangement, planning, and organization to an unmatched level. Drag and drop scenes into the plot grid however you want to organize them. Connect them with distinct plot lines so that you know how they are related. See what characters are in your scenes, and where the scenes take place. Track characters in your plots so that you know they are where they’re supposed to be. It’s such a powerful feature that it’s worth watching this video explaining all that it can do.

You write. We store.

With the Annual Membership, you don’t have to worry about losing files. Your works of art are stored safely in the cloud, so you get to focus on writing.

Work offline.

With the Annual Membership you get cloud backup, but we want to make sure you can work even when you’re not connected. Seequill allows you to work offline, so carry on writing while you’re on that flight or road-trip, and back up your changes to our cloud once you’re connected again.


Seequill’s Annual Membership is only $30 a year. We know writing software can be expensive, and writers want to focus on writing, not budgeting. So we’ve designed our systems to be cost-effective. Plus, you can check out our Twitter (@seequillstories) and Facebook (seequill) for discounts, making your year of writing even cheaper!